Made by local artists, and the spirit of three-hundred year old fishermen.

When developing The Golden Cod, we wanted to keep it local with all of our artisan partners. Overtime, you'll see our list of artists grow, from woodcarvers, to jewelers, and more. 

Golden Cod Wood Carver
Massachusetts-based wood carver, Derek Abbott, has been carrying on his grandfather Ray Abbott’s carving legacy since 2017. Growing up in Marblehead, Massachusetts surrounded by history, the ocean, and his grandfather’s carvings (most houses in Marblehead have something that was created by him), Derek blends his love for Colonial Era art and history with his desire to work with his hands and create. Examples of Derek’s work can be found throughout New England, as well as the United States. Specializing in nautical carvings - mainly whales and cod - Derek welcomes custom orders and is always looking to try carving something new. Pictures of Derek’s past work and current projects can be found on Instagram under his account @D.AbbottWoodWorking.

Golden Cod Jewelry Designer 
Jessica Ricci is a Rhode Island – based jewelry designer who travels the world to find cultural artifacts to transform into jewelry. But it’s her New England upbringing that made her the perfect designer to bring our vision into the world. Together we aim to bring Jess’s penchant for history - centered jewelry steeped in symbolism, with the salty collective soul that inspired this collection. Jessica’s work can be found at