It all started in New England.

Well, technically, it all started in the Atlantic Ocean in the 18th century, hundreds of feet below the surface of the water – amidst seaweed, and sea creatures, and probably a shipwreck or two – because that’s where the cod were.

And cod is why we are here.

You see, cod fishing built New England. It was the first industry established in Massachusetts, it provided the first export from the colony’s shores, and it single-handedly contributed to the prosperity of the Commonwealth. It’s as quintessentially New England as iced coffee in winter, small cottages in quaint towns, and summers on the Cape. And so are we.

The Golden Cod is a celebration of New England and this heritage; it’s a tribute to who we are, a symbol of where we’re from, and an ode to our way of life. Our products are made exclusively by local artists who now help carry on the tradition of bringing cod to New England. Hang one above your door, wear one around your neck, or give one to someone you love, and know you’ve got a little piece of the Northeast no matter where in the world you are.

Now, let's get fishin'. 

- Robbin & Jeff Mangano